Naval modeling videos

Naval modeling videos

Video of the tugboat “Montfalcó”, sailing on Lake Lepanto in Barcelona.

Video of the merchant carrier “Patrick Vieljeux”, sailing on lake Olesa de Montserrat along with other boats.

Navigation video of the ships “Meteor” by Carlos Pagador and “Montfalcó”, “Patrick Vieljeux” and “Mundaca” by Xavi Carreras in different episodes of life. Then comes out my workshop with the aircraft carrier “Clemenceau” finished and the English Steam of Rio Puffer “Vic” in the process of construction. My tools and machines.

Video of the workshop where the machines and tools that I usually use come out and several boats come out in the background.

Video of Carbonero Puffer Vic.

Video of the Mundaca oil tanker.

Video of the merchant Patrick Vieljeux in all his functions by Xavi Carreras.

Video of the Montfalco tugboat in all its functions by Xavi Carreras.

Naval sailing modeling video by Carlos Pagador.

Video of the Carbonero Puffer Vic, 1.30 m long and RC and steam powered, restored after a serious accident at home.