“Hi I’m Xavi Carreras, welcome to my website”

An artisanal and radio-controlled naval modeler of large-scale ship models.

You can browse this website, to be able to see my models of boats that I have built.


“Current and old mia photos. I couldn’t be happier. Xavi Carreras.”

From the beginning:

I’m so fascinated by naval modeling and your ability to take your imagination to amazing places.

From the beginning, I fell in love with the idea of artistically creating my own productions, so I dedicated myself to learning as much as I could about how to develop them.

Just as I also learned everything I could to get to know the market of naval modeling, as well as meet my clients, clubs, associations, collaborators, museums, etc.

* Current:

I have been self-taught in the processes of creating my naval models for the last four and a half years and I continue to learn day by day.

I am expanding my work as an independent naval modeling artist, in addition to working on my own computer applications.

* Biography:

* Telecommunications and informatic expert.

* 10 years in own telephony company, CONTEL.

* Work in several telephony companies.

* 1 year at VIATEL telephone operator.

* 3 years as a technical direcor, inaugurater and founder of the national operator JAZZTEL.

* 22 years managing MODELISMOAVAL.NET.

* 22 years managing NAVALMODEL.NET.

* 22 years managing THEHOBBIESSHOP.COM.

* 22 years managing SHIPSSHOP.COM.

* 22 years gestioando DISTRIMAK.COM. ARTENAVAL.COM.

* 1 gap year doing a Riverside Carpenteria course.

* Telecommunications, telephony and computer studies.

* 45 years as a handcrafted naval modeler and radio control of large-scale and radio-controlled and navigable and multifunctional ships.

“Patrick Vieljeux, sailing at night. Xavi Carreras.”

“Patrick Vieljeux, view of the bridge and deck and cranes. Xavi Carreras.”

“Patrick Vieljeux, view from the bow. Xavi Carreras.”

“Montfalco tugboat, sailing and head-on. Xavi Carreras.”

“Montfalco tugboat, sailing. Xavi Carreras.”

“Diana frigate, tree view. Xavi Carreras.”

“Plan of the Far de Formentera. Xavi Carreras.”

“Plan of the Far de Formentera. Xavi Carreras.”

“Ditmar Koel, at night with the lighting. Xavi Carreras.”